Discounts of 20-50% off-season and 10-20% in-season

Discounts are available! We offer 20-50% room rate discounts off-season and 10-20% in-season. Book now or contact us for more information!

Welcome to Tokyo Guest House 2020!

Seasonal discounts available!
Winter in 2018

World-wide Guests Welcome!

We support socializing with guests from all over the world!

Supported by 10,000 foreign tourist visits:

  1. Europe (France, Germany, England, Scotland, Netherlands, Switzerland, Spain, Belgium, Denmark, Poland, Finland, and all other European countries)
  2. American Continent (USA, Canada, Chile, Mexico, Brazil, Argentina, and all others)
  3. Asian Countries (China, Korea, Philippines, Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand, Vietnam, and all others)
  4. Australia, Oceania, South Africa, Russia, Mongolia, Nepal, Tibet, etc.

Book now or contact us for more information!

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